Sentence Examples

  • David used reptile bedding and wood chips to make an ultra-hip looking polka-dot "rug" and turned dog rawhide toys into a piece of art good enough to hold its own in any exhibit.
  • This is comparable to problems encountered with other chew treats such as rawhide chews, cornstarch bones, pig's ears, and cow hooves.
  • Sam's Yams Veggie Rawhide Dog Treats - The word "rawhide" is a bit of a misnomer here since the company say it's treats are made from thick slabs of dehydrated sweet potatoes.
  • Keep in mind that rawhide bones contain animal products, so if your dog is allergic to beef or another type of meat, this type of toy might not be a good option for your pet.
  • Rawhide lamp shades, leather, suede or cowhide upholstery and handmade willow baskets provide natural textures to the style that embraces primitive décor.