Sentence Examples

  • Rask, and of ter him N.
  • Rasmus Christian Rask (1787-1832) was one of the most original and gifted linguists of his age.
  • Niels Matthias Petersen (1791-1862), a disciple of Rask, was the author of an admirable History of Denmark in the Heathen 3 Edited (3 vols., 2nd ed., 1855, Copenhagen) by F.
  • The great Danish philologist and friend of Iceland, Rasmus Rask, and the poet Bjarni Thorarensen had done much to purify the language, but Jonas Hallgrimsson completed their work by his poems and tales, in a purer language than ever had been written in Iceland since the days of Snorri Sturlason.
  • Grammars of the Lapp tongue have been published by Fjellstrom (1738), Leem (1748), Rask (1832), Stockfleth (1840); lexicons by Fjellstrom (1703), Leem (1768-1781), Lindahl (1780), Stockfleth (1852).

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