Sentence Examples

  • The reference is, of course, to the kangaroo, which Pelsaert had also remarked and quaintly described some sixty years previously.
  • The volute buttresses, each crowned with a statue, add quaintly but happily to the general effect.
  • The ceilings of the loggias are generally sloping, with richly carved roof-timbers showing below at intervals; and quaintly carved braces connect the outer pillars with the main posts of the building.
  • Haarlem is the seat of the governor of the province of North Holland, and of a Roman Catholic and a Jansenist bishopric. In appearance it is a typical Dutch town, with numerous narrow canals and quaintly gabled houses.
  • Though he might have escaped by flight, and though he knew, as he quaintly remarked, that " Smithfield already groaned for him," he at once joyfully obeyed.