Sentence Examples

  • PYATIGORSK, a town and watering-place of Russian Caucasia, in the province of Terek, 141 m.
  • Fall as a rule at the northern foot of the Caucasus (Mozdok, Pyatigorsk) and in the Kura valley (Tiflis, Novo-bayazet), On the Armenian highlands and on the steppes north of Pyatigorsk the rainfall is less than 12 in.
  • At Pyatigorsk, ians, &c.)..
  • From Pyatigorsk; altitude, 2096 ft.
  • 18 a Terek, has its sources, not in the main ranges of the Caucasus, but in an outlying group of mountains near Pyatigorsk, the highest summit of which, Besh-tau, does not exceed 4600 ft.