Sentence Examples

  • Zero Restriction Featherweight Rain Pull-On pants with Gore-Tex: Although not breathable, these are a lightweight pant that, with a drawstring close, side zippers and ankle-hugger snap system, are designed to keep you completely dry.
  • For something a little out of the ordinary, an OJ Flower Bikini with full top is daring, but adorable, while a Wacky Waikiki bikini with pull-on skirt allows you extra coverage if you want to hit the shops after swimming.
  • The standard A-line pull-on skirt dominates most collections, but you'll also find more flared versions, straighter skirts, skirts with kick pleats or side-splits and wrap skirts.
  • Pull-on styles are stretchy, but still may not give you the ability to either get a tighter fit when you've lost weight (or need to look slightly smaller than usual).
  • Long-sleeve sweater: The 100 percent cotton material and pull-on neckline add to the comfortable fit of this sweater, which comes in a variety of colors and designs.