Sentence Examples

  • In the 5th century they attacked the Russians in the Black Sea prairies, and afterwards made raids upon the Greeks.
  • "Trembling prairies "- land that trembles under the tread of men or cattle - are common near the coast.
  • To S., west of the Mississippi, and also, save only the prairies, in the so-called " Florida parishes " E.
  • In the southern and central portions of the state open rolling prairies interspersed with groves and belts of oak and other deciduous hard-wood timber predominate.
  • Farther west two narrow belts of timber, consisting mostly of stunted post oak and black jack, and known as the Eastern and Western Cross Timbers, cross the prairies southward from the Red river, and a low growth of mesquite, other shrubs and vines are common in the eastern half of the Prairie Plains.