Sentence Examples

  • During the reign of Antoninus Pius (138 to 161), the concord between him and Aurelius was complete; Capitolinus (c. 7) says "nec praeter duas noctes per tot annos mansit diversis vicibus."
  • Occam's dictum "Entia non multiplicanda sunt praeter necessitatem" was inspired by a spirit similar to that of Bacon.
  • Against the common view that miracles can attest the truth of a divine revelation Gerhard maintained that " per miracula non possunt probari oracula "; and Hopfner returns to the qualified position of Augustine when he describes them as praeter et supra naturae ordinem."
  • " Nihil omnino est praeter individuum, sed et illud aliter et aliter attentum species et genus et generalissimum est."
  • "She carrieth no sway in state matters," however, it was said of her in 1605, "and, praeter rem uxoriam, hath no great reach in other affairs."