Sentence Examples

  • Sunden, "De tribunicia potestate a Lucio Sulla imminuta" in Skrifter utgifna of k.
  • The reading in public of his two treatises De Potestate ecclesiastica and De Reformatione Ecclesiae revealed, besides ideas very peculiar to himself on the reform and constitution of the church, his design of reducing the power of the English in the council by denying them the right of.
  • For his work in connexion with gunpowder, the invention of which has been claimed for him on the ground of a passage in his De mirabili potestate antis et naturae, see Gunpowder.
  • It is entitled Vindiciae contra tyrannos, sive de principis in populum populique in principem legitima potestate, Stephano Junio Bruto Celta auctore, and is thought to have been published at Basel (1579) although it bears the imprint of, Edinburgh.
  • Bodin defines the state thus: "Respublica est familiarum rerumque inter ipsas communium, summa potestate ac ratione moderata multitudo."