Sentence Examples

  • As.) Charles of crowned by the pope in 1266, marched to take posses An9 Peter n.
  • By the relinquishment of Cuba and the cession of Porto Rico, the Philippine and Sulu Islands, and Guam, the largest of the Colonial Ladrones, to the United States, as a consequence Posses- of the war of 1898, and of the remaining Ladrone sions, or Marianne Islands, together with the Caroline and Pelew Islands, to Germany by a treaty of the 8th of February 1899, the colonial possessions of Spain were greatly reduced.
  • When the British government, in 1824, made a treaty with the Netherlands, surrendering the remaining British settlements in Sumatra in exchange for certain posses sions on the continent of Asia, no reference was made in the articles to the Indian treaty of 1819; but an understanding was exchanged that it should be modified, while no proceedings hostile to Achin should be attempted by the Dutch.
  • He died at Gogmagog in Cambridgeshire, in the posses ion of Lord Godolphin, in 1753, being then, as is supposed, in his twentyninth year.
  • His debts increased daily, but payment was there none, for all the manors and posses- Condition sions that pertained to the crown he had given away, ~ountry.

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