Sentence Examples

  • After being well shaken, the liquid was poured into a sterile glass Petrie dish and covered with a moist and sterile bell-jar.
  • Road, which agrees with the generally received identification, Tell el-Ilesi, an important mound excavated for the Palestine Exploration Fund by Petrie and Bliss, 1890-1893.
  • Flinders Petrie, Tell el-Hesy, and F.
  • In the south of the Sinaitic peninsula, remains have been found of an elaborate half-Egyptian, half-Semitic cultus (Petrie, Researches in Sinai, xiii.), and not only does Edom possess some reputation for " wisdom," but, where this district is concerned, the old Arabian religion (whose historical connexion with Palestine is still imperfectly known) claims some attention.
  • Imported specimens of this ware were found by Flinders Petrie among XIIth Dynasty remains at Kahun.