Sentence Examples

  • Paolo had never been a strong man, and his health was overtaxed with studies and commercial worries.
  • Yet Monk was clearly overtaxed, and on the 3rd he prepared to retreat to the Thames.
  • The administration of the navy, called upon as it was to deal with a war of unprecedented magnitude, was overtaxed by the obligation to refit ships, raise crews, and provide for the numerous sick or wounded.
  • But this is exceptional, and generally one part gives way before another, either on account of one part being naturally weaker or of one part having been overtaxed or more severely attacked by some injurious external influence, or by some undue preponderance of another part of the body itself.
  • Expenditure was unproductive, corruption was rife in the public services, and the poverty of the overtaxed peasant and artisan classes gave rise to sporadic outbreaks of violence.