Sentence Examples

  • Those interested in completing Kmart application forms for employment in New Zealand can visit Kmart NZ for information.
  • Thus ortho-phenylene diamine yields the following products: N H N ./`N; Xn NZ In some cases oxidation of condensed benzenoid-heterocyclic nuclei results in the rupture of the heterocyclic ring with the formation of a benzene dicarboxylic acid; but if the aromatic nucleus be weakened by the introduction of an amino group, then it is the benzenoid nucleus which is destroyed and a dicarboxylic acid of the heterocyclic ring system obtained.
  • The points whose displacements are in the direction of the resultant axis of rotation are determined by Ix: Iy: Iz = E: ~: ~, or (X +nz ly)IE = Cu + Ix ~z)/v = (e +:~y ~x)ft.