Sentence Examples

  • The niggardly policy of the board of directors, more intent on peaceful dividends than on warlike rule, could not but be galling to soldiers of fortune.
  • These ambitious and expensive schemes, coupled with his haughty and overbearing conduct, involved him in a controversy with the rather niggardly, House of Burgesses.
  • Other northern authorities such as Saxo and the Hrolfs Saga Kraka represent Aails in a very unfavourable light as niggardly and addicted to sorcery.
  • Other anxieties were brought upon him by the burning of his cathedral in 1561, for although Grindal himself is said to have contributed £1 200 towards its rebuilding, the laity of his diocese were niggardly with their subscriptions and even his clergy were not liberal.
  • Were even more niggardly than they had been under the Jagiellos, and on the single occasion when the terrors of an imminent Tatar invasion constrained them to grant extraordinary subsidies, they saw to it that such subsidies should rest entirely on the shoulders of the burgesses (who had in the meantime been deprived of the franchise) and the already overburdened peasantry.