Sentence Examples

  • "(r) The cause exactly recorded is fully and nakedly to be presented to the consideration of the congregation.
  • Hincmar of Reims and Haimo of Halberstadt, took the side of Paschasius, and affirmed that the substance of the bread and wine is changed, and that God leaves the colour, taste and other outward properties out of mercy to the worshippers, who would be overcome with dread if the underlying real flesh and blood were nakedly revealed to their gaze !
  • Late in the 15th century, in spite of the somewhat greater liberty of that age, we find Stephen Scrope writing nakedly to a familiar correspondent "for very need [of poverty], I was fain to sell a little daughter I have for much less than I should have done by possibility," i.e.
  • Statesmen and legislators, standing so completely within the institution, never distinctly and nakedly behold it.