Sentence Examples

  • Pelargi - Ciconia, Mycteria, Tantali quidam, Scopus, Platalea; c. Gerani - Ardeae cristatae, Grues, Psophia.
  • Prominent among the storks is the great black-headed white crane, called the jaburd (Mycteria americana), which is found along the Amazon and down the coast and grows to a height of 42 ft.
  • Genera: (a) Phoenicopterus, Platalea, Palamedea, Mycteria, Tantalus, Ardea, Recurvirostra, Scolopax, Tringa, Fulica, Parra,: Rallus, Psophia, Cancroma; (b) Hematopus, Charadrius, Otis, Struthio.
  • There are also herons, ibises, storks and cranes, including the great blackheaded white crane, Mycteria americana, which ranges from northern Argentina to Colombia.
  • The high sierras are frequented by condors and eagles of the largest size, and the whole country by the common vulture, while the American ostrich (Rhea americanus) and a species of large stork (the bata or jaburu, Mycteria americans; maximum height, 8 ft.; spread of wings, 8 ft.