Sentence Examples

  • Long, on which the scale has already been loosened by the aid of boiling with dilute muriatic acid or a weak solution of caustic soda in water, than it is to clean either the inside or the outside of horizontal tubes more than double the length.
  • HYDROCHLORIC ACID, also known in commerce as "spirits of salts" and "muriatic acid," a compound of hydrogen and chlorine.
  • Under the head of "oxidable or acidifiable" substances, the combination of which with oxygen yielded acids, were placed sulphur, phosphorus, carbon, and the muriatic, fluoric and boracic radicles.
  • Manufacture of Hydrochloric Acid (commercially also known as " muriatic acid ").
  • It was discovered in 1774 by Scheele, who called it dephlogisticated muriatic acid; about 1785, C. L.