Sentence Examples

  • Still following the wise maxim which he had adopted as a student, " multum legere potius quam multa," he reviewed again and again the immortal works of the French and English, the Latin and Italian classics.
  • Melanchthon writes " Servetum multum lego."
  • In the teaching of Greek, " useless details " were to be set aside, and special care devoted to the connexion between ancient and modern culture, while, in all subjects, attention was to be paid to the classic precept: multum, non multa.
  • "Quoties bella non ineunt, multum venatibus, plus per otium transigunt," Tacitus, Germ.
  • His works were collected and published at Venice in 1520 under the title Praeclarissima ac multum subtilia scripta Illuminati Doctoris Francisci de Mayronis, &c.

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