Sentence Examples

  • The prevalence of predial slavery in Aragon and Valencia can be largely explained by the number of Mudjares, that is Mahommedans living under Christian rule, and of Moriscoes converted Mohammedans.
  • The story of the Mudjares and Moriscoes is peculiarly Spanish.
  • But B i ion before the end was reached all had been persuaded or XpUS forced into Christianity, had ceased to be Mudjares, Moriscoes.
  • In the majority of cases the conversion had occurred so long ago that the memory of the time when they were Mahommedans was lost, and multitudes of the children of Mudjares remained.
  • The latter were dealt with by expulsion, which in the case of the Jews was enforced in 1492, and in the case of the subject Mahommedans or Mudjares in 1502.