Sentence Examples

  • Once you master the Béchamel sauce, you will be able to make cream sauce, Mornay, Nantua, Soubise, mustard sauce and, of course, cheese sauce.
  • Soon after his ordination in 1599, he assisted Cardinal Duperron in his controversy with the Protestant Philippe de Mornay, and made numerous converts.
  • On his way home from the university he passed through Saumur, and, having visited the pastor of the Protestant church there, was introduced by him to Philippe de Mornay, governor of the city.
  • Had in 1589 created an independent military governor-generalship in favour of Duplessis-Mornay, continued till the Revolution to form a separate gouvernement, which included, besides Anjou, portions of Poitou and Mirebalais.
  • The last book (which is three-fourths of the whole work) is chiefly an answer to the famous Protestant work entitled Le Traite de l'Eglise by Du Plessis Mornay; and in the second edition (1595) there is an elaborate reply to an attack made on the third Verite by a Protestant writer.