Sentence Examples

  • Whether you're a diehard John Deere fan looking to increase your collection of memorabilia or have a little boy or girl who loves playing with tractors, John Deere remote control toys can provide hours of interactive fun.
  • He left a large collection of personal jottings and memorabilia, most of which remain unpublished.
  • The word 6 uXia from iatXEiv (buou, Eau)), meaning communion, intercourse, and especially interchange of thought and feeling by means of words (conversation), was early employed in classical Greek to denote the instruction which a philosopher gave to his pupils in familiar talk (Xenophon, Memorabilia, I.
  • The building's walls are lined with sports magazine covers and memorabilia, while tabletops have sports cards lacquered.
  • Von Murr, Memorabilia Bibliothecarum Norimbergensium, i.