Sentence Examples

  • The tahsildars check the accounts of the kabz-i-mals, and, if they discover peculation, send them at once to be dealt with by the chief official authorities of the Gaza (department); all the electors of a mukhtar are, ipso facto, joint sureties for him.
  • Besides the great railway line over the Brenner, there are other lines from Botzen past Meran to Mals, from Franzensfeste up the Pusterthal to Lienz in the Drave valley, and from Innsbruck, by a tunnel beneath the Arlberg Pass to the Vorarlberg and the Rhine valley.
  • Sursass or Schlinig Pass (Remus to Mals) foot path .
  • Ofen Pass (Zernez to Mals), carriage road.
  • Thence the road mounts gently to the pass, and then descends, with the infant Adige, to Mals (r52 m.), whence the pass is sometimes wrongly named Malserheide.

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