Sentence Examples

  • Although Anne Cole's classic Maillot swimsuit is available all year long, the designer also brings out three new collections each year.
  • The Jantzen Vamp Maillot holds a special place in the hearts of women everywhere because the design harkens back to a time when women were seemingly a bit less self-conscious about having curvaceous bodies.
  • Available in a wide selection of colors, the Maillot is a classic one piece which is available all year round, inspiring some clients to buy a new suit each year.
  • LZR Racer Elite Recordbreaker: The same suit in a tank maillot version, this is a classic women's competition suit made of the highest quality fabrics available.
  • Solid Shirred Maillot: This beautifully styled one-piece is anything but boring thanks in large part to hardware details and an attractive, shirred finish.

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