Sentence Examples

  • Picault, who acted as agent of the celebrated Mahe de la Bourdonnais, governor of the Ile de France (Mauritius), named the principal island Mahe and the group Iles de la Bourdonnais, a style changed in 1756, when the islands were renamed after Moreau de Sechelles, at that time controleur des finances under Louis XV.
  • The capture of Mahe on the coast of Malabar in 1779, followed by the annexation of lands belonging to a dependent of his own, gave him the needed pretext.
  • Fauvel (Mahe, 1909); Ancient Maps of Seychelles Archipelago, a portfolio containing 28 maps (Mahe, 1909); J.
  • The central mountain zone of Mahe was in 1909 acquired by the government for reafforestation purposes.
  • Mahe, a French settlement in the Malabar district of Madras, India, situated in 11 0 43' N.