Sentence Examples

  • Fans who want to watch True Blood Frenzy are looking for the eleventh episode of season two in which Bill must seek the advice of Sophie-Anne, the Vampire Queen of Louisiana about the Maenad Maryann haunting Bon Temps, Louisiana.
  • One of the main plots of the second season of HBO's original series True Blood involved a Maenad moving into Bon Temps and gradually seducing the town with her own brand of madness.
  • Back in Bon Temps, Jason worked with Andy to fend off the Maenad Maryann and was forced to shoot Tara's lover Eggs when he attacked Andy, the sheriff of Bon Temps.
  • A maenad is a creature of mythology, women devoted to the orgiastic celebrations of Dionysus (Greek) or Bacchus (Roman), gods of libation and celebration.
  • In Charlaine Harris' novels, the Maenad first arrives to attack Sookie as a way of sending a message to Eric Northman, the Sheriff of Area Five.

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