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  • The Homeric heroes themselves are represented as having considerable skill in surgery, and as able to attend to ordinary wounds and injuries.
  • On his arrival before Troy he was healed of his wound by Machaon, and 'slew Paris; shortly afterwards the city was taken.
  • Dionysius of Halicarnassus, in his Epistle on Demosthenes and Aristotle (chap. 5), gives the following sketch of his life: - Aristotle ('ApeaToTE ujs) was the son of Nicomachus, who traced back his descent and his art to Machaon,son of Aesculapius; his mother being Phaestis, a descendant of one of those who carried the colony from Chalcis to Stagira.
  • Homer mentions him as a skilful physician, whose sons, Machaon and Podalirius, are the physicians in the Greek camp before Troy (Iliad, ii.

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