Sentence Examples

  • The four remaining members included Kelsey Bourg, a 20 year old from Louisiana; Phillip Bernier, a 24 year old from Virginia; Lacey Mason, a 22 year old from Tennessee; and Zack Wilson, a 25 year old from Utah.
  • Cover-ups - robes, wraps, or shawls - are favored by many women because they conceal different body shapes, yet are often made from see-through or lacey materials for a distinctly feminine touch.
  • Her alliance with Krista, Heather and Lacey helped take her far in the house, though she was ultimately eliminated by Michaels after he decided their connection was purely physical.
  • Many other American performers on the hit show were also champion competitors in ballroom dance, such as Mark Ballas, Cheryl Burke, and Lacey Schwimmer.
  • Founded by a dancer who goes simply by the name Lacey, Florida Tribal's journey began with her inspired interest in tribal belly dance at the age of 15.