Sentence Examples

  • The log and kab are not found till the later writings; but the ratio of hin to issaron is practically fixed in early times by the proportions in Num.
  • Appearance of a Semitic name of this kind is in the last paragraph of the biography of Alhmose of el-Kab, the aged officer of Tethmosis (Thutmose) I.
  • Farther south are the stupendous ruins of Thebes on both sides of the river, the temple of Esna, the ruins and tombs of El Kab, the temple of Edfu, the quarries of Silsila and the temple of Ombos, followed by the inscribed rocks of the First Cataract, the tombs and quarries of Assuan and the temples of Philae.
  • The chief of these was limestone of varying degrees of fineness, composing the cliffs which lined the valley from the apex of the Delta to the neighborhood of El Kab; the best quality was obtained on the east side opposite Memphis from the quarries of Turra and Masgra.
  • NECHBET (Nekhbi, Nekhebi), the vulture-goddess of El Kab, called Eileithyia by the Greeks.