Sentence Examples

  • In the years immediately preceding the war we have to chronicle first a great advance in our knowledge of the beginnings of Egyptian history, owing mainly to the excavations of Prof. Flinders Petrie at Tarkhan 1 and of the German, Prof. Junker (working for Austria), at Tura.
  • Coxe Expedition), 50 and of Junker for Vienna, 51 all in the pyramid field of Giza.
  • Wilhelm Junker about the same period also explored the southern tributaries of the Ghazal.
  • Junker, who described them as "well proportioned, though the oval-shaped head seemed somewhat too large for the size of the body."
  • He is also identified with the devil; thus, in accordance with old German tradition, he is dressed as a nobleman (ein edler Junker), all in red, with a little cape of stiff silk, a cock's feather in his hat, and a long pointed sword; at the witches' Sabbath on the Brocken he is hailed as "the knight with the horse's hoof," and Sybel in Auerbach's Keller is not too drunk not to notice that he limps.