Sentence Examples

  • Within the period of Japans written history several eruptions are recorded the last having been in 1707, when the whole summit burst into flame, rocks were shattered, ashes fell to a depth of several inches even in Yedo (TOkyO), 60 m.
  • While there can be no doubt that the luxuriance of Japans flora is due to rich soil, to high temperature and to rainfall not only plentiful but well distributed over the whole year, the wealth and variety of her trees and shrubs must be largell the result of immigration.
  • Fukuzawa Yukichi, founder of the KeiO Gijuku, now one of Japans four universities, did more than any of his contemporaries by writing and speaking to spread a knowledge of the West, its ways and its thoughts, and Nakamura Keiu labored in the same cause by translating Smiless Self-help and Mills Representative Government.
  • ROhan is one of the most renowned of Japans modern authors, and some of his historical romances have had wide vogue.
  • In 1888 a special course of German literature was inaugurated at the Imperial University, and with it is associated the name of Mon Ogai, Japans most faithful interpreter of German thought and speech.