Sentence Examples

  • In war time these irregulars form part of the colonial corps, but in time of peace serve as frontier police.
  • The first onslaught of the Knights of the Cross did indeed rout the weak irregulars placed in the van of the Turkish army, but their mad pursuit was checked by the steady ranks of the Janissaries, by whom they were completely defeated (1396).
  • Was now raised to the dignity of grand vizier, suc ceeded in inspiring the Janissaries with a wholesome respect, due to their dread of the ro,000 irregulars known as kirjalis by whom he was accompanied.
  • In April 1900 it was successfully defended against the Boers under Christiaan de Wet by a Cape force of Irregulars commanded by Colonel E.
  • The annual pilgrim caravan or haj, numbering some 6000 people with Io,000 pack animals, is escorted by a few Turkish irregulars known as agel; small fortified posts have been established at the regular halting-places some 30 m.