Sentence Examples

  • This first success of Faraday in electro-magnetic research became the occasion of the most painful, though unfounded, imputations against his honour.
  • In December 1583 Mary had laid before the French ambassador her first complaint of the slanders spread by Lady Shrewsbury and her sons, who were ultimately compelled to confess the falsehood of their imputations on the queen of Scots and her keeper.
  • From imputations which were inconsistent with his whole character he has subsequently been exonerated.
  • In other directions he laid under tribute Herder and Lessing; yet all the while he cast severe imputations of plagiarism upon Hume and others.
  • It is worth noting that even as late as the close of the 16th century the Maronite patriarch found it necessary to protest by anathema against imputations of heresy.

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