Sentence Examples

  • His personal safety was more and more imperilled, and he was unable to xxiv.
  • Austrias petty persecutions of her Italian subjects in the irredente provinces, her active propaganda incompatible with Italian interests in the Balkans, and the antiItalian war talk of Austrian military circles, imperilled the relations of the two allies; it was remarked, indeed, that the object of the alliance between Austria and Italy was to prevent war between them.
  • On the other hand, the success of the crusading movement was imperilled, both now and afterwards, by the jealousy of the Comneni.
  • At this period the Servian empire had reached its zenith; Hungary, governed by the feeble monarch, Charles Robert of Anjou, was striving to crush the insurgent magnates of Croatia; Venice, whose commercial interests were imperilled, desired to restore peace and maintain the balance of power.
  • The alliance of crown and church was subsequently imperilled by the question of Investitures (1103-1106).

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