Sentence Examples

  • The sculptures of Sennacherib show the bare-headed and bare-footed suppliants of Lachish meanly clad before Sennacherib (Ball, p. 192, contrast the warriors with caps and helmets, ib.
  • Heuzey has pointed out, to one carried by the chief of an Asiatic tribe in a tomb of the 12th dynasty at Beni-Hasan in Egypt), while his kilted followers with helmets on their heads and lances in their hands march behind him.
  • The Sherden had been in the armies of Rameses II., and are distinguished by their remarkable helmets and apparently body armour of metal.
  • While helmets provide little protection in a serious fall, they're a must to shield you from junk dropped or dislodged from above you.
  • All persons using the bottom of the gorge or actually climbing must use helmets and crampons.