Sentence Examples

  • Prantl has professed to find the headstream of Nominalism also in Scotus Erigena; but beyond the fact that he discusses at considerable length the categories of thought and their mutual relations, occasionally using the term voces to express his meaning, Prantl appears to adduce no reasons for an assertion which directly contradicts Erigena's most fundamental doctrines.
  • It lies on a headstream of the small river Wheelock, a tributary of the Weaver.
  • And the Jong river, whose headstream, known as the Taia, Pampana and Sanden, flows for a considerable distance east of and parallel to the Rokell.
  • 6 From the source of its headstream the Goyt.
  • Of Quito, near the confluence of the Alagues and Cutuchi to form the Patate, the headstream of the Pastaza.