Gymnosperm synonyms



A plant that produces seeds. The gymnosperms and the angiosperms together form the seed-bearing plants. The seed-bearing plants have been an enormously successful group in the history of life, owing to the evolution of seeds and pollen. The seed is a superior unit of dispersal to the naked spore, since it includes a food reserve and, among angiosperms, a protective layer. Also, seedless plants are dependent upon the presence of liquid water for sperm dispersal. Pollen makes water unnecessary for sperm transport. Instead, eggs are fertilized after male nuclei have been transported within the protective pollen grain to the female reproductive parts, usually by pollinating agents such as insects or the wind.
Any of a large group of plants that produce flowers. They develop seeds from ovules contained in ovaries, and the seeds are enclosed by fruits which develop from carpels. They are also distinguished by the process of double fertilization. The majority of angiosperms belong to two large classes: monocotyledons and eudicotyledons. The angiosperms are the largest phylum of living plants, existing in some 235,000 species. They range from small floating plants only one millimeter (0.04 inch) in length to towering trees that are over 100 meters (328 ft) tall.
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