Sentence Examples

  • Of the quartz-monzonite type are the whitish granites of Bethel and Rochester (Windsor county) and Randolph (Orange county), the light grey of Dummerston (Windham county), and the darker greys of Cabot (Washington county), Derby (Orleans county), Hardwick and Groton (Caledonia county) and Topsham (Orange county).
  • SILAS DEANE (1737-1789), American diplomat, was born in Groton, Connecticut, on the 24th of December 1737.
  • Among those for boys Phillips Academy, at Andover, the Groton school, and the Mount Hermon school are well-known examples.
  • SAMUEL SEABURY (1729-1796), American Protestant Episcopal bishop, was born on the 30th of November 1729, in Ledyard, Groton, Connecticut.
  • His father, Samuel Seabury (1706-1764), originally a Congregationalist minister in Groton, was ordained deacon and priest in the Church of England in 1731, and was a rector in New London, Conn., from 1732 to 1743, and in Hempstead, Long Island, from 1743 until his death.