Sentence Examples

  • The 5th from Diskata and the 4th from the Xeria, uniting in the Vistritsa valley, marched on Serfije, throwing out a flank guard to Grevena, while the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Divs.
  • Of Grevena) facing the Monastir direction, while the remainder, reenforced by the 6th Div., pushed on to Verria, and the 7th Div.
  • Simultaneously, the Greeks from Grevena, who had reached Kastoria, were forced back.
  • Were concentrated at Vodena, with the 5th at Khailar and the Grevena force on the Kastoria road, in readiness for an advance on Monastir in concert with the Serbian I.
  • And Grevena force, Djavid Pasha brought back the rest of the VI.

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