Sentence Examples

  • The colleges, though of a lower grade, are in most respects similar to the lyces, but they are financed by the communes: the professors may have certain less important qualifications in lieu of the agrgation.
  • Cotton dealers up to this time had regularly financed the spinners, who were frequently men of little capital, by allowing long credit, and had even employed them to spin on commission.
  • Popes had preached them; popes had financed them; popes had sent their legates to lead them.
  • In 1871 the system accepted was that the imperial budget should be financed substantially by its reliance on the revenue from what were the obvious imperial resourcescustoms and excise duties, stamp duties, post and telegraph ~receipts, and among minor sources the receipts from the Alsace-Lorraine railways.
  • There they were regularly financed by Pharnabazus, while the Athenians were compelled to rely on forced levies.