Sentence Examples

  • They took their time with the planning until 1968, when actor Fess Parker announced his own plans to build a theme park in his Northern Kentucky home, very close to Cincinnati.
  • If you ever decide to opt for a professional color service or want to lighten your hair color, you'll need to fess up to your colorist about any prior hair color usage.
  • Fess Parker Winery Shiraz Frontier Red, Lot No. 61 is an affordable wine that will compliment casual summer barbecues and friendly chats by the pool.
  • Fess Parker seems to have perfected this kitchen sink style to make a flavorful and racy red that is a perfect complement to a simple barbecue.
  • The following are some good choices: Fess Parker, Foley Estates, Melville, Byron, Sanford, Ken Brown, Foxen, and Cambria to name a few.