Sentence Examples

  • Had to complain to the empress Theodora of the exactions practised by her officials.
  • Its subsequent history is uneventful, though it suffered from the exactions of Verres; and its inscriptions are unimportant.
  • He was also aware that the exactions of the French had produced deep indignation throughout Germany and especially in Prussia.
  • On the other hand the severe measures taken by the government prevented the growth of anything like legalized slavery on Siberian soil; but the people, ruined as they were both by the intrusion of agricultural colonists and by the exactions of government officials, fell into what was practically a kind of slavery to the merchants.
  • The estates loyally supported him against the attempted exactions of the popes, and do not seem to have objected to any of his reforms, chief among which was the army-reform project of 1435, to provide for the better defence of the land against the Turks.