Sentence Examples

  • In 1920, as the Lemp brewing company collapsed and sold off the business, buildings and all assets, Elsa Lemp, the daughter of William Lemp, Sr., shot herself in the bedroom and died in the same manner as her father.
  • Later, Italian fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli designed one especially for air raids - it was the same functional style, complete with a gas mask, flask and velvet turban.
  • One housewife caused quite a stir with her first appearance on this show, and she isn't even an official member of the cast: Marysol's mother Elsa.
  • Elsa Jewelry will custom design and create the ring of your dreams as you work with their expert jewelers from design inception to the ring completion.
  • Clips of Elsa are routinely shown on programs like The Soup, which is a show that reviews the most interesting clips from television for the week.