Sentence Examples

  • In the west end of the town is Pinkie House, formerly a seat of the abbot of Dunfermline, but transformed in 1613 by Lord Seton.
  • Of Dunfermline by the North British railway.
  • The woollen trade once promised to reach considerable dimensions, but towards the end of the 18th century was superseded by the linen (for which flax came to be largely grown); and when this in turn collapsed before the products of the mills of Dundee, Dunfermline and Glasgow, straw-plaiting was taken up, though only to be killed in due time by the competition of the south.
  • By the original Act for the construction of the base, the whole area between the town of Dunfermline and the land purchased by the Government was brought within the municipal area, which was thus extended from 2;016 to 7,730 acres.
  • In 1240 the church was bestowed by David, bishop of St Andrews, on Dunfermline Abbey, and in 1 334 the town with its harbour was granted by David II.

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