Sentence Examples

  • At length the hostility of the princes was overcome, and in December 1282 Rudolph invested his sons Albert and Rudolph with the duchies of Austria and Styria at Augsburg, and so laid the foundations of the greatness of the house of Habsburg.
  • It then passed to the counts of La Marck and was made a duchy in 1417, being united with the neighbouring duchies of Jiilich and Berg in 1521.
  • (Alexander Farnese) invested his son Pierluigi with the duchies of Parma and Piacenza.
  • Spain reconquered the duchies in the war of succession (1745); they were recovered by Austria in 1746; and Maria Theresa again surrendered them to Don Philip, infante of Spain, in 1748.
  • On his death in 1802 the duchies were incorporated with the French republic and his son Louis became "king of Etruria."