Sentence Examples

  • I thanked him for his generosity and donated a hundred dollar bill to his mission.
  • The proceeds of the sale of public lands donated to the state for educational purposes, and all escheats to the state, constitute a trust fund, the interest from which, with the proceeds of all fines for the violation of state laws, is annually apportioned among the school districts according to the school population; the total apportionment from the State Tuition Fund in 1908 was $357,238.
  • Hannah held one of the lanterns donated to their exiled party by the Sanctuary.
  • He munched on a leftover casserole some thoughtful neighbor had donated to poor hero Fred and was about to doze when the telephone startled Mrs. Lincoln from his lap.
  • He'd made a courtesy call on Mrs. Glass who had promptly donated a vacant furnished apartment for his use.