Sentence Examples

  • Its principal commercial source is the fraction of coal-tar which distils between i 50 and 200° C., in which it was discovered in 1834 by F.
  • Of mercury it boils at 170° C. In an atmosphere of steam it distils without decomposition under ordinary barometric pressure.
  • Pure ruthenium tetroxide distils over.
  • Sodium phenolate is heated in a stream of carbon dioxide in an iron retort at a temperature of 180-220° C., when half the phenol distils over and a basic sodium salicylate is left.
  • Stannic Chloride, SnC1 4, named by Andreas Libavius in 1605 Spiritus argenti vivi sublimate from its preparation by distilling tin or its amalgam with corrosive sublimate, and afterwards termed Spiritus fumans Libavii, is obtained by passing dry chlorine over granulated tin contained in a retort; the tetrachloride distils over as a heavy liquid, from which the excess of chlorine is easily removed by shaking with a small quantity of tin filings and re-distilling.

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