Sentence Examples

  • SPARASSODONTA, a zoological name applied to a group of primitive carnivorous mammals from the Santa Cruz beds of Patagonia, represented by the genera Borhyaena, Prothylacinus, Amphiproviverra, &c. By their first describer, Dr F.
  • Of the Smithsonian Miscellaneous Collections) its describer refers the Klondike skull to a new genus, with the title Symbos tyrrelli, the specific name being given in honour of its discoverer.
  • Muller (1730-1784), the describer of fresh-water Oligochaeta; Abraham Trembley (1700-1784), the student of Hydra; and O.
  • If he must be classed, he was before all things a describer - a describer of the passions of the human heart and of the beauties of nature.
  • An unmistakable batrachian of this order, referred by its describer to Palaeobatrachus, a determination which is only provisional, has been discovered in the Kimmeridgian of the Sierra del Montsech, Catalonia (25), in a therefore somewhat older formation than the Wealden Caudata Hylaeobatrachus.

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