Sentence Examples

  • For those traveling with both very young children and pre-teens or teenagers, a daycare or babysitting service provides parents with an excellent way to spend special time with the older children while the younger children are cared for.
  • This means that to answer the question of how much does daycare cost per week, you need to find out how much your provider will charge per hour and multiply that by the number of hours per week that your child will need to be in daycare.
  • While there was initial concern regarding the vaccine's safety and effectiveness when first released, the vaccination is in the early 2000s gaining acceptance as numerous states require it for admittance into daycare or public school.
  • Among the many other types of caring games to be found online are those that allow your child to become a teacher or daycare provider, as well as others that extend that nurturing spirit to a colony of honey bees or a virtual garden.
  • The Emergency Medical Release form authorizes a teacher, daycare worker, coach or other individual in charge of caring for the child to direct medical personnel to provide medical and surgical treatment until the parent is located.