Sentence Examples

  • The great attraction of Darjeeling is its scenery, which is unspeakably grand.
  • Although Mount Everest appears fairly bright at 100 miles' distance, as seen from the neighbourhood of Darjeeling, we cannot suppose that the atmosphere is as transparent as is implied in the above numbers; and, of course, this is not to be expected, since there is certainly suspended matter to be reckoned with.
  • The Darjeeling Himalayan railway of 2 ft.
  • The British connexion with Darjeeling dates from 1816, when, at the close of the war with Nepali, the British made over to the Sikkim raja the tarai tract, which had been wrested from him and annexed by Nepal.
  • DARJEELING, a hill station and district of British India, in the Bhagalpur division of Bengal.