Sentence Examples

  • Besides the important harbours already referred to, the French fleet has naval bases at Oran in Algeria, Bizerta in Tunisia, Saigon in Cochin China and Hongaj in Tongking, DiegoSuarez in Madagascar, Dakar in Senegal, Fort de France in Martinique, Nouma in New Caledonia.
  • DAKAR, a seaport of Senegal, and capital of French West Africa, in 14° 40' N., 17° 24' W.
  • Dakar is a regular port of call for other French lines and for the Elder Dempster boats sailing between Liverpool and the West Coast of Africa.
  • Dakar was originally a dependency of Goree and was founded in 1862, a year after the declaration of a French protectorate over the mainland.
  • Dakar thus came into direct communication with the countries of Upper Senegal and the middle Niger.