Sentence Examples

  • Pd, The pedicle of the suspensorium continued into cv, the ventral crus of the suspensorium.
  • Lucius Cornelius Lentulus, surnamed Crus Or CrusCELLO, (for what reason is unknown), member of the anti-Caesarian party.
  • C. Crus-Galli, with a somewhat similar distribution and introduced about the same time, is a very decorative species with showy, bright red fruit, often remaining on the branches till spring, and leaves assuming a brilliant scarlet and orange in the autumn; numerous varieties are in cultivation.
  • There are four main classes or crus (literally growths, but more correctly types or qualities), namely, the " grands crus classes " or " classed growths " and the bourgeois, artisan and peasant growths.
  • There are usually nine tarsal elements in the Caudata; this number is reduced in the Ecaudata, in which the two bones of the proximal row (sometimes coalesced) are much elongated and form an additional segment to the greatly lengthened hind-limb, a sort of crus secundarium.